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A City vehicle/employee harmed your own lawn. Be sure to submit a claim with town-clerk

A City vehicle/employee harmed your own lawn. Be sure to submit a claim with town-clerk

Report issues or potential danger of lead poisoning in public areas, private, or industrial establishments.

Determine lead in drinking tap water.

Dried leaves intentionally positioned or stockpiled on roadways.

Report litter or particles in a park that needs to be cleaned out upwards.

Research area documents online or make an application for usage of Stamford Land files.

Search a database to find out exactly who your City agent is

Please register a claim with town clerk. Mail townclerkStamfordCT.gov cellphone (203) 977-4054 .

MPT rules is supposed to render people doing roadways a clear knowledge of just how to build and apply safer, effective, and efficient upkeep and security of site visitors systems.

Report issues using round area manhole protects. Describe if the manhole address try free, off, or broken.

See a Marina Slip/Ramp Permit

An online Marriage Application.

Demands for a wedding licenses.

Document health concerns with regards to therapeutic massage organizations within area limits.

Access to the therapeutic massage Plan Overview Application and therapeutic massage licenses software.

Access to text and chart change application forms for your Master strategy.

The Mayor will meet private with owners by consultation. People in the gran’s workforce and also the Citizen’s solution heart are usually available to you to greatly help target resident questions.

Garbage/trash was not obtained on on a regular basis scheduled time.

Garbage/trash wasn’t picked up on regularly plan day.

Recycling cleanup wasn’t obtained on regularly plan time.

All vacation trees must be put suppress part no later on than January 15th. Woods that aren’t curbside by January 15th will not be found.

Document a leaf pile that was not acquired throughout the demonstrated City-wide pick up. Dried leaves that are not put out throughout established get dates will never be acquired.

Recycle was not acquired on frequently scheduled day.

The metropolis plows the avenue by prioritizing disaster roads within the downtown room (read accumulated snow plowing course). In the event the road hasn’t been plowed 10 hours after a major accumulated snow violent storm, please distribute a request right here.

Document a street indication that’s lost.

Report issues relating to shape that may be bad for citizens.

Entry to information regarding car tax bills.

Report issues regarding a complete salon, barber shop, or other cosmetology establishment.

Report a strengthening with no temperature.

Report a strengthening without running drinking water.

Document violations regarding the Noise regulation.

Report wildlife being stalking, damaging, biting, or acting irregularly.

A three-step techniques to obtain a temporary outside eating license for your cafe or caf’.

Become a handicap placard or apply for residential on-street disability room.

Report a concern perhaps not detailed.

Report overcrowding in residential homes.

Document continued overflowing garbage/trash at industrial, residential, or exclusive residential property.

Report overgrown brush on edges of area streets.

Access to the property owner’s qualifications kind for strengthening Assessments.

Report an automobile which parking in a domestic vehicle parking permit region dishonestly, an automobile in a domestic neighborhood that features not relocated in 5 times, or a left behind automobile.

A list of parking garages and great deal fees. Has definition & enforcement, rate, and fees alternatives of each place.

Report any problems in area vehicle parking garages.

Document inoperable or hurt vehicle parking meters for maintenance.

Appeal a parking citation.

Is attractive need to be recorded within 15 diary times of the ticket issuance. Whenever posting a charm, integrate and send all supporting documentation: photos, duplicates of permits, meter receipts, registration and repairs costs; etc. Invalid reasons behind solution appeals are listed, combined with a questionnaire to submit an appeal.

Range of all parks, golf program, beaches also activity web sites.

Report crosswalks, middle traces which can be faded or non-existent.

Cover parking entry on the http://besthookupwebsites.org/chatspin-review/ web quickly via entering a citation amounts. To see all open citations to suit your vehicle, enter your licenses plate quantity and state. You can also submit the VIN numbers to see all available citations.

Pay your own WPCA Sewer Expenses

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