Universitas Muhamadiyah Makassar

Activities that depict fictional or minor physical violence in the context of a game

Activities that depict fictional or minor physical violence in the context of a game

We really do not permit violent businesses to write behavior for almost any purpose, like recruitment. We don’t enable Actions with content related to terrorism, such as for instance material that boost violent functions, incites physical violence, or commemorates terrorist attacks. If posting material related to terrorism for an educational, documentary, health-related, or imaginative purpose, be careful to provide sufficient facts so people see the perspective.

We do not let Actions that improve the purchase of explosives, guns, ammo, or some firearms acceories. Limited acceories integrate the ones that equip a firearm to replicate automatic flame or convert a firearm to automatic flame (age.g., bundle inventory, gatling causes, drop-in car sears, sales systems), and mags or straps carrying over 30 rounds.

We do not let activities offering guidelines for manufacture of explosives, firearms, ammunition, constrained firearm acceories, or other artillery. This includes directions for you to change a firearm to automated, or simulated automatic, firing features.

When your actions has content that could be improper for general readers, discues aged motifs, or have unsettling or distreing contents, it ought to put a disclaimer at the beginning of the user’s very first conversation utilizing the motion plus in the Aistant index story.

Bullying and harament

Do not let measures containing or improve risks, harament, or bullying. For example material mostly intended to hara or select someone for abuse, malicious combat, or ridicule.

Below are a few samples of violations:

  • Bullying subjects of worldwide or religious issues.
  • Content material that aims to take advantage of others, including extortion, blackmail, etc.
  • Sharing content material to humiliate some body openly.
  • Haraing victims, or their friends and individuals, of a tragic celebration.

Hate message

We do not enable steps that improve or promote material that advocates detest or violence, or encourages discrimination against groups of people according to their race or cultural origin, religion, impairment, gender, years, nationality, seasoned standing, sexual direction, gender identity, or just about any other attribute that will be aociated with general discrimination or marginalization.

Steps that have EDSA (learning, Documentary, medical, or inventive) content linked to Nazis is likely to be obstructed using region, in line with neighborhood regulations.

If your motion contains content which may be unsuitable for general people, it ought to add a disclaimer at the outset of the user’s earliest dialogue together with the Action and also in the Aistant Directory information.

Check out types of violations:

  • Content or address aerting that a covered team is inhuman, lower or worth being hated.
  • Behavior containing hateful slurs, stereotypes, or ideas about a secure class poeing bad personality (e.g., harmful, corrupt, wicked, etc.), or explicitly or implicitly promises the class are a menace.
  • Content or speech attempting to motivate rest to think that people must hated or discriminated against since they are a member of a covered cluster.
  • Material which promotes detest signs such as for instance flags, icons, insignias, paraphernalia or behaviors aociated with dislike groups.

Sensitive happenings

We do not allow measures that are lacking reasonable awareness in direction of, or exploit, a normal catastrophe, pandemic, atrocity, dispute, passing, or other tragic event.

Activities with articles connected with a painful and sensitive occasion are often enabled if it material features EDSA (learning, Documentary, medical, or creative) benefits or intends to notify consumers to or increase awarene when it comes down to sensitive and painful event.

Should your actions includes content which may be inappropriate for general readers, it needs to put a disclaimer at the beginning of the user’s very first talk aided by the actions plus the Aistant Directory classification.

Listed below are some examples of violations:

  • Inadequate sensitiveness concerning the death mocospace reviews of a genuine person or group of people because suicide, overdose, all-natural factors, etc.
  • Doubting a significant tragic show.
  • Appearing to make money from a tragic event without any discernible advantage towards victims.

Gaming, games and contests

We don’t let activities containing content material or service that enable users to bet, risk, or join utilizing real money (like in-Action items bought with funds) to get a reward of real-world monetary value. This consists of, it is not restricted to, online casinos, sports betting, lotteries, and games that provide gifts of cash or any other real-world value.

Actions that facilitate user sweepstakes, raffles, or contests in which no money is needed to join must inform the consumer the guidelines for participation through the first interaction, like the repaired admission due date and honor go out, the fixed wide range of champions, alongside appropriate records.

Below are a few samples of violations:

  • Games that accept profit exchange for the opportunity to win an actual physical or financial award.
  • Games with “loyalty” (age.g., involvement or activity) points that (1) is accrued or expidited via real-money expenditures which (2) tends to be traded for stuff or awards of real life value.
  • Measures that take or handle gaming wagers, in-Action currencies required for engagement, earnings, or build up being receive or increase qualifications for an actual physical or financial reward.

Illicit recreation

Do not enable measures that improve or promote illegal strategies you happen to be solely responsible for deciding the legality of one’s motion in targeted locale.

Below are a few examples of violations:

  • Motivating or offering directions for manufacturing unlawful drugs.
  • Inviting or supplying information for cash laundering or tax evasion.
  • Promoting or supplying training for electronic piracy.

Alcoholic beverages, cigarette & pills

Actions that facilitate or market the sale of alcoholic beverages are permitted in countries listed in Google’s alcoholic beverages advertising policy. Please additionally consider the brand directions to examine the marketing limits for promoting Alcohol and Alcohol-related measures.

All Actions must:

  • Implement membership linking and verify consumers satisfy legal years criteria
  • Comply with all limits or treatments necessary for a relevant neighborhood law