The international cooperation that has been done by the University of Muhammadiyah Makassar and foreign agencies are as follows:

No Name of Institution Type of Activity Cooperation Period Benefit that has been obtained
Beginning Ending
01 CPI of Japan and Local Government of Pangkep Regency Fisheries Education and Welfare 2011 2016 Physical development of SMPN building based on modern and environmentally friendly marine. Now it has been implemented the first education
02 CPI of Japan and Local Government of Takalar District Education and Welfare 2013 2018 It is in the stage of infrastructures and facilities development
03 Humber Canada Enhancement Program of Entrepreneurship Curriculum Materials 2013 2018 Train the enterprise lecturers
04 Unismuh-UTM Malaysia International P2K Program 2013 2018 Improve the students insight
05 Kolej Islam Teknologi Antar Bangsa (Kitab) Malaysia Education Cooperation 2010 2013 Improve the quality of education
06 Asia Muslim Charity Foundation (AMCF) Cooperation of Islamic Education Study 2011 2018 Improve the quality of Arabic language and Islamic Education
07 Mangrove Action Project (MAP) Canada Mangrove Ecosystem Ecology and Environmentally Friendly Pond 2013 2018 Social, economic, and ecological of mangrove and pond increase