The improvement of management, development, learning activities, and Islamic campus atmosphere are reflected in every movement and dynamics that is in the mission of persyarikatan Muhammadiyah. The principles of modern management that are oriented towards improving the process, the quality or quality of graduates, and the absorption of alumni in various fields of work are the continuous efforts of University of Muhammadiyah (Unismuh) Makassar. Orientation of service and management quality is an ongoing effort to create the quality of graduates who not only have academic ability but also capable of carrying out missionary mission as part of the main task of Persyarikatan Muhammadiyah.

Realizing the Vision of becoming the Leading, Superior, Trustworthy and Independent Islamic University, Unismuh Makassar is constantly striving to produce graduates who are noble, capable, professional, responsible, and independent. To produce graduates who have excellent and qualified graduates competence by improving hard skill and soft skill of students in the form of mastering of science and technology and the improvement of character quality through Al Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan Education and application of the rules according to National Standard of Higher Education is an effort that must be applied in all study programs.

The implementation of education and service activities always make Islam as a spirit. The serious efforts to educate the generations of the nation to become human beings who are not only excel in knowledge, but also excel in Islam. University of Muhammadiyah Makassar believes that Muslim people must have broad Islamic and scientific knowledge. How dangerous an act is without getting thoughtful consideration firstly. QS. Az-Zumar (39): 9 had explained this which means: Say, “Are those who know equal to those who do not know?” Only they will remember [who are] people of understanding.”

Improving the quality and quality of its education, University of Muhammadiyah (Unismuh) Makassar currently manages 8 Faculties with 1 Graduate Program and 1 Doctoral Program. Out of the three programs, there are 1 Diploma Study Program, 32 Undergraduate Study Programs, 6 Graduate Programs, 1 Doctoral Program and 2 Professional Programs. The lecture activities are centered on the Central Campus, located at Jalan Sultan Alauddin 259 Makassar.

The learning process, University of Muhammadiyah (Unismuh) Makassar in several departments has implemented e-learning and open course ware, and even has done computer-based test system (computer based test). Students can access hard copy material in libraries and online, in digital libraries, e-journals, online theses, and New Student Admission Systems using the One Day Service (ODS) System or a Day Service (Registration-Selection-Registration) (*)