The national cooperation that has been conducted is as follows:

No Name of Institution Type of Activity Cooperation Period Benefit that has been obtained
Beginning Ending
01 University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Cooperation of Doctoral Accomplishment 2009 2014 Accomplishment of the Doctoral Degree
02 University of Muhammadiyah Gorontalo Development of Human Resources, Education, Research, and Community Service 2013 2017 Improvement of Human Resources, Education, Research, and Community Service
03 Bank Indonesia Development of Central Bank’s Course in the University 2012 2014 Development of Students Knowledge about the central bank
04 Bank Indonesia Research Funds Assistance 2012 2014 Students get the research funds
05 Zahir Internasional Zahir Go To Campus 2012 2017 The availability of Accounting laboratory that uses Zahir Accounting program
06 Economics Faculty of Muhammadiyah University of Semarang Improvement of Education and Human Resources Quality 2013 2016 Development of education and quality of human resources
07 Academic Development 2013 Develop the academic quality
08 MPR-RI Assessment of Presidential Government System Based on 1945 Constitution and Socialization of 4 Nation Pillars 2013 2014 Produce the  concept of Presidential Government System  based on 1945 Constitution
09 University of Bengkulu Improvement of the lecturers and students research ability and writing of textbooks 2013 2014 Help to improve the quality of research and lecturer’s textbooks and student’s research
10 University of Islam Indonesia Improving the quality of assurance 2010 2013 Help to improve the quality of quality assurance
11 University of Airlangga Improvement of Lecturers Quality 2011 2013 Improve the lecturer’s educational qualification
12 National Security Institute of Republic of Indonesia (Lemhanas RI) Resilience and Defense 2012 2013 Increase the nationalism and patriotism spirit