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Mortgages in Ghana: shooting up an acre of Accra home

Mortgages in Ghana: shooting up an acre of Accra home

By Nicholas Norbrook published on Friday, 28 Sep 2012 16:01

All family members have to have their own palace, and Ghana is no difference with the rule. But even the recognized rates of a lodging shortfall of virtually 1.5m products for a population of 25 million Ghanaians mean the pent-up desire is huge.

The leasing market is quite good,h2 states Peter Tsikata, leader of Millennium characteristics Ghana, nevertheless true concern is money.h2 This is often partially because of the price of area.

An acre in a prime sector in Accra for example the Airport household locations expenditure around $2m. Builders really need to acquire high-rise houses, which are generally sold out before design is also total,h2 states Tsikata.

For all men and women wish setup their home, normal route is always to produce the majority of the income within one fell swoop or get started collecting concrete, container sheeting or lodging products in order to take effect in bursts because dollars shows up.

Ghana home mortgages (GHL), a business enterprise developed in 2007 by a group of Ghanaian entrepreneurs, is trying to adjust that.

In the beginning, the backers believed they might really have to concentrate on Ghanah2 well-off diaspora making use of mortgage loan products. But as a stronger middle income comes out, thus too should the chance for giving mortgage loans.

We learned that 80% of the clientele were hometown, not just diasporah2, says Kojo Addo-Kufuor, the main functioning officer at GHL. Right out the $100m raised from numerous origins most notably financial institutions in america, GHL has recently implemented $70m into residential loans.

GHLh2 standard customers are young families, heart managers and freelance telecoms gurus – anyone with an income with a minimum of 600 cedi ($300) monthly. The typical graduate which gets employment in a big vendor in an important town now can desire to earn around 800 cedi monthly.

Our personal optimum financial products are around 300,000 cedi, the minimum around 10,000 cedi and the medium around 80,000 cedi,h2 explains Addo-Kufuor. Yearly, 100,000 Ghanaians are generally leaving schools. In four to five years, these are all of our customers.h2

Shifting the schedule for fees away from the money-up-front version happens to be key. Prospective customers right now can create 20-25% from the expense, and GHL will pay all of those other cash for the contractor on end of the home.

Clients repay the funding during 10 years.

This triggered primary damage within the premises builders, who were perhaps not familiar with this technique of fee on delivery. We had to educate designers and clarify your marketplace is receiving enhanced, even if they include spreading various credit expense,h2 claims Addo-Kufuor.

Ghanaian banking institutions are actually delivering some mezzanine financing for mortgages.

Securitised Debts

For the present time, GHL is actually a decrease during the seashore. It consists of given its basic 1,000 loans, which is certainly very small once measured against the interest in properties. Specifically, there’s a pressing requirement of housing which are not targeted at the upper revenues group in Ghana.

The marketplace could establish quicker, reported on Tsikata, if loans may be securitised and in love with the stock-exchange if you wish to elevate revenue that might after that getting ploughed back in the loan sectorh2.

This would call for authorities input, for instance the Joined States’ Brand New Dealera Federal National Loan Organization.


Federal national mortgage association, as it is often known as, are latterly recognized for its character inside the subprime loan tragedy, however initially created a fluid alternate market place, allowing bankers to point much more homes loans

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